Daily routines to get more writing done – Part 1


An Authors morning in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Having family and a professionally writing carrier is a balancing act to say the least. In the vortex of being a husband, father and provider I have found it difficult to carve out large chunks of time to myself to get any meaningful work done. It helped me to read about fellow authors daily routines. I implemented the parts that fit my particular temper and writing style and I’m now able to get some serious work done.

I am not, of cause, suggesting that you do what I do, but let it inspire you to get a little more quality writing done during the day. Here is what I do:

I live and write in Copenhagen, Denmark, with my lovely wife and our one-year old son.

Routine one: First, in order not to let physical training disturb my day, I get up 5:45 in the morning and walk to the gym to meet my best friend for a 45 minute workout before heading home and have (most often make) breakfast with the family.

Boy on a bike.

After sending my darling wife of to work, I drive my one-year old boy of to his state sponsored daycare, Butterfly, on our Christiania bike. We take the bike-super-highway through the city.

Bike Super-Highway.

The son and I wink goodbye and I check with the cook what’s for dinner. The food is mostly organic, about 95%.

I head home to begin writing.

Stay tuned for Daily routines to get more writing done – Part 2.

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